Policy & Economic Reports

Examples of our published reports.

Fostering an enabling policy and regulatory environment in APEC for data-utilizing businesses.

In 2018 APEC wanted to understand how firms of varying sizes across different sectors and APEC economies manage data security and privacy. Aegis was asked to design and implement the necessary consultation with nominated firms and prepare a report which identified practices and trends and their impact on cross border trade, examined gaps in actions that may require regulatory interventions and recommended options to guide APEC responses. Aegis presented its report to the meeting of APEC senior trade and investment officials in Chile in August 2019.

Evaluation of the land acquisition program administered by the NSW Environmental Trust

The NSW Environmental Trust provides funding to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service to support the acquisition of land for the state's national parks and reserves. In 2017 the Trust asked Aegis to evaluate the value for money of its funding for this kind of land acquisition. To assess this Aegis examined the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of the program. Aegis made a number of recommendations which led to the Trust increasing the funding allocated to support the program.

Evaluation of the sustainability programs administered by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

In 2016 the NSW Office of Environment and heritage asked Aegis to evaluate the value for money of the funding it provided to businesses, other state government agencies, local government, non-government organisations and communities to promote environment sustainability. To assess this Aegis examined the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of the funding programs by consulting with stakeholders and examining comparative national and international approaches. Aegis made a number of recommendations which led to the reform of the programs.

APEC Economic Policy Report 2016

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum publishes an Economic Policy report annually. The 2016 report provides lessons and guidance for countries when pursuing services and structural reform.
Visit http://publications.apec.org/publication-detail to read the full report. APEC asked Aegis to prepare one of the five case studies used by the report to assess and identify reform lessons. The Aegis case study concerns the reform of electricity services in New Zealand between 1987 and 2015. Read the full case study.

The right policy path for superannuation default funds and governance

In 2014 the Australian Government commissioned an Inquiry into the financial services system. This submission details how the government can prioritise and preserve the interests of workers using default superannuation funds. We prepared this submission for ClubPlus Superannuation, a fund used by workers in the club and hospitality sector. For more information about the financial services inquiry visit either
http://www.treasury.gov.au/ or http://fsi.gov.au/

Costs and benefits of rail services privatisation: international comparisons

We prepared the Infrastructure Partnerships Australia paper in 2012 on the costs and benefits of NSW rail franchising. Our analysis underpins the IPA’s efforts to increase government outsourcing for rail services.

Economic and social value of the Australian zoo industry

The zoo and aquarium industry’s contribution to conservation, education, tourism and biosecurity has often been overlooked by policy makers. Our economic and social impact assessment of all these issues was the first of its kind in Australia and was published internationally. It has given the industry a platform to advocate its value to the economy and society.