Education & Youth Services

Case Studies :

Program Evaluation
Department of Community Services - West Australian Government

We developed a new funding model that the Government could apply to support youth development services provided by NGOs across the state.

Organisational Performance Evaluation
NSW North Coast Institute of TAFE

The TAFE is the largest vocational education and training institution in NSW with over 18 campuses. It wanted to improve the capacity of its Indigenous students to transition from education to sustainable employment . We developed the strategy it could apply to achieve this.

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation

The Foundation provides leadership and development programs for young people in Western Australia. It ran into financial trouble and its government funding was at risk. Our evaluation of its financial viability and social value, and the new funding model we developed, improved its sustainability and secured government funding.

Government Relations

One80TC provides support services for ex-prisoners, particularly youth, to assist them re-integrate into society and lead normal lives. The organization lost its 3 year funding from the Australian Government, without which it could not operate. We developed a government relations strategy that restored its funding within a few months.