Health & Pharmaceuticals

Case Studies :

Cost Benefit Assessment
Westmead Children’s Hospital

The hospital and NSW Health Department have been looking for ways to improve service delivery via wireless technology. Our cost benefit assessment of new wireless technology to improve voice and data communication in wards, emergency departments and surgery was the first of its kind in Australia and identified substantial productivity benefits.

Policy Evaluation/Government Relations
Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Our Managing Director was engaged to join the Novartis leadership team and build a new government relations and public affairs strategy and team. The strategy assisted Novartis renegotiate medicine funding agreements with government, demonstrate its commitment to health policy and community issues, and engage with a new set of key health sector stakeholders. The strategy was recognised globally as the best in the Asia Pacific region.

Health and Productivity Institute of Australia

Our policy/economic analysis and submissions and public affairs strategy enabled the Institute to shape the recommendations of the Australian Government’s health reform commission. Our proposals were one of 2 recommended by the Commission to the Australian Government.


Alere is the largest provider of patient self-management and diagnostic devices. We developed the evidence based strategy to enable Alere to promote to governments the benefits of patient self- management in the Australian health system.