Transport, Infrastructure & Planning

Case Studies :

Policy Evaluation
Transurban Infrastructure Developments

Transurban owns and operates key motorways around the world. Our research and analysis of the global, national and NSW freight industry and policy helped Transurban design the $1.2 billion motorway (Westlink M7) in Sydney's West to maximise revenue opportunities from freight.

Department of Premier and Cabinet – New South Wales Government

The NSW Government has to balance competing spending priorities to meet increased demand for services. Transport is one of its largest areas of spending. We have helped the Government evaluate its $1.8 billion rail capital program to identify waste, additional need and appropriate infrastructure priorities.

Costs and benefits of rail services privatisation: international comparisons

We prepared the Infrastructure Partnerships Australia paper in 2012 on the costs and benefits of NSW rail franchising. Our analysis underpins the IPA’s efforts to increase government outsourcing for rail services.

Competition Policy
New South Wales Charter Cruise Industry

Government service provision subsidised by the tax payer that is offered in competition with private services can reduce competition and distort markets. The volatile nature of tourism markets can make this a significant problem. Our economic/policy analysis and submissions helped the NSW charter cruise industry ensure that government funded ferry services act consistently with competition policy and law, and that the government did not assume responsibility for ticketing services.