Case Studies :

Policy/Program Evaluation
Department of Trade and Investment – New South Wales Government

Our independent evaluations have been used by the NSW Government to determine policies for public sector decentralisation, regional economic development, services for migrants and to encourage entrepreneurialism.

Queensland Government

The Qld Government wanted to understand the value of funding workers compensation education programs. Our review of the programs examined commercial, competition and regulatory issues and included stakeholder consultation. Our recommendations helped to improve value for money and competitiveness of employee support services.

Government Administration
New South Wales Government

The NSW Government was looking to improve the efficiency of asset management by its departments and agencies. We advised on the creation of a new property authority with special asset management functions.

Communication Management
Department of Family and Community Services – New South Wales Government

There is a new focus on child protection all over the world. It is often controversial to remove children from their parents. We designed and implemented a communication and stakeholder management strategy that won support for the NSW Government’s new child protection legislation.

Council of Australian Governments

All of the governments in Australia wanted to develop an agenda for future research to guide their thinking about disability policy. We developed and implemented the strategy to consult with key stakeholders in the disability sector. This included facilitating a national roundtable and preparing a report for Ministers on the recommended policy research agenda.