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Trading With Asia-Pacific

Doing business in Asia usually requires a sophisticated strategy that reflects the diverse business, cultural and government dimensions in the region.

Our consultants have substantial experience advising multinational infrastructure, development, pharmaceutical and other companies on business strategies in the region. They have also delivered Asian Development Bank funded projects to assist regional governments design policy, such as competition policy and trade practices.

Our team in Singapore specialises in helping organisations with their communications and public affairs.

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Trading From Asia-Pacific

Trade and investment with Australia, United Kingdom and the European Union are often subject to complex regulatory and policy regimes at supra-national, national and regional level. Political environments and public participation in decision making usually demands a sophisticated community and stakeholder engagement strategy from business.

Our teams in Australia and the United Kingdom have substantial experience working for and with governments, business and community organisations there. They have assisted multinational infrastructure, tourism, corporate services, welfare management, transport, health, pharmaceutical and other companies negotiate regulatory, policy and community issues in those markets.

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